xHs Wrestling League

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Welcome to the xHs Wrestling Leauge

If you are interested in being apart of or any questions send KevinT1149 a message on X-Box Live of who you wanna be or your questions. If you join make sure to check out the rules/faq page for information about how this league works. Also register to our site this way we can connect better with everyone in the league on the members page.

If you want to join and see that a wrestler you want is taken just check in with me first because you might just get your chance to have that wrestler.

Matches for the PPV (Wrestlemania)


Matches that still need to be played for Monday Night Throwdown

Match Card

1. Triple H (Giant Dengus) vs. Alberto Del Rio (iFazeFresh) vs. Ryback (KPA x SpArTaN)

2. Mark Henry (A BREAD WINNER) {L} vs. Undertaker (Hang CJ) {W}

3. Cody Rhodes (jalanh2009) vs. Christian (ALTAIR 1105) vs. The Miz (THE MIZ 2432) for the Intercontental Championship

4. Dolph Ziggler (KevinT1149) {W} vs. John Cena (TheShowEffect66) {L}vs. Shawn Micheals (javeforce1990) vs. Chris Jericho (LongBump) for the xHs Championship

5. CM Punk (Soccerjrc18) {L} vs. Randy Orton (habfan5693) {L} vs. Daniel Bryan (IAMTHEEVILONE) {W} vs. Edge (NJ Tyrant) {L} vs. Brock Lesnar (foxboro24) {L} in a Championship Scramble for the World Heavyweight Championship

Matches that still need to be played for Thursday Night Destruction

When in Red it means the match has been reported. If you can not get ahold of your opponite contact KevinT1149 or Soccerjrc18.


Upcoming Shows

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4/8/13 - The April 1st edition of Monday Night Throwdown results are up CLICK HERE to view what happened in our first Diva match ever and how Bret Hart became the first xHs Champion.

3/31/13 - MNT match card is up and the TND results are up check them out!

3/29/13 - We are proud to announce we have opened our Diva Division welcome our first diva Kelly Kelly (Alexis502)! Also a new Article selection has been added if your interested in writing for the league contact me and Sign up for our site as well.

3/27/13 - We had a successful Monday night Throwdown this week thank you all that played and the results should be up real soon along with the match card. 

      Also in none related xHs news Dolph Ziggler (KevinT1149) and CM Punk (Soccerjrc18) had captured the NWA Tag Team titles Tonight against Kane (FunnierHorse194) and Sheamus (Aaron 757 Son) at a NWA Event held tonight while another member of our league Owner of NWA Chris Jericho (BloodCrystalBC) defeated Justin Gabriel (portsroks) when he replaced John Cena (TheShoweffect66) who did not make the event. Click Here to visit the NWA site for more infomation about the event that took place or to join them.

3/24/13 - Breaking News: Edge makes a open challenge to Dolph Ziggler and CM Punk after Edge lost to Ziggler when CM Punk got involved. Will CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler accept his Challenge. (Click here to view the results of Thursday Night Destruction)

3/20/2013 - Our first show went ok we had few no shows that never bothered to contact or reply to anyone. The new Match card is up and ready.

3/19/2013 - Our first match was our fatal four way between Hart, Kane, Lesnar and Taker. Hart managed to get the victory after piledriving kane and pinning him. Everyone included in the match was givin a addition 5% exp for playing their match on the day of the show. Thanks guys and looking forward to hearing from everyone else.

3/17/2013 - Were one day away from our first show the match card will be posted very soon. We Welcome Kane, Lesnar, and Undertaker. New Site features a few tweeks to the superstars page. Now you will find in the superstars page that each superstar now has their X-Box profile linked along with their own comment box. So if you wanna challenge someone let it be known on their page.

3/15/2013 - Welcome to the roster Edge and HBK. Also few Site changes the Tag Team and Championship page has been moved to the superstar page and the Calender has been changed to our match card that is where the matches will be posted. Also added a members page so if you joined our league register for free to keep in touch with our league send messages, comment, add friends.

3/14/2013 - Our First show will begain this upcoming Monday. The Match card will be up Sunday night to Monday morning